The Aqua-Nu porous ceramic, which incorporates minute traces of silver, is housed in an open slotted polypropylene plastic capsule. The silver performs like an oxidation catalyst. At the catalyst surface, silver electrons are transferred to form reactive oxygen species (ROS)
with residual disinfectants (e.g. chlorine) or dissolved oxygen normally present in water. ROS such as superoxide and alpha-oxygen are the most effective oxidants to oxidise organic matter including microorganisms, bacteria, parasites, viruses and the food that this microbiology needs to thrive. As a result, any kind of organic matter is oxidised and converted into CO 2 (this process is known as cold burning) which duly exhausts from the water over time.

Interesting fact: superoxide dismutase (SOD) is produced in your body as an antioxidant, formed to combat all ROS inclusive of superoxide and alpha-oxygen. SOD is vital to fight against diseases and defend against aging. SOD searches out ROS/free radicals, oxidising and degrading them whilst flushing them out of the body.

The catalytic oxidative capability of StayPure also has a "cold burn" effect on all other organics within the body of water. These organics act as a food source for microorganisms including bacteria.  If this organic food source is converted into CO 2 , then it is not available to the microorganism/bacteria to sustain their existence, therefore they cannot survive in the water.