The StayPure product incorporates a Metal Matrix Material along with the AquaNu advanced porous ceramic both of which are housed in an open slotted polypropylene plastic capsule housing. All materials used are of food grade quality. The Metal Matrix Material is an open wave nylon mesh onto which elemental silver is affixed.

A protection layer is created around the elemental silver to prevent tarnishing which also makes the Metallic Matrix perform like an oxidation catalyst. The protection layer prevents the water from making direct contact with the silver. At the Catalyst surface silver electrons are transferred to form Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) with residua disinfectants (e.g. chlorine) or dissolved oxygen always present in water to some degree. Some examples of ROS are Superoxide and Alpha Oxygen which are two of the most effective oxidants. When organic matter which include parasites, bacteria, viruses make contact with ROS they are destroyed instantly. During the destruction process the organic matter converts into harmless CO 2 which dissipates from the water. This conversion of organic matter into CO 2 is known as cold burning.

The purification process is based on Catalytic Oxidation and in this reaction no silver ions are released into the water which is what other silver technologies do. For that reason, when using the StayPure Metallic Matrix Material technology, no silver ions are released into the body of water being targeted for treatment. The absence of silver ions in the body of water being treated has been proven in many tests from independent testing laboratories. This proves that it is the water treating itself that is the constituent elements in the water namely dissolved oxygen always present to some degree and possibly some small quantity of chlorine present that are the active components acting against the bacteria.

It is important to know that silver is a well-known oxidation catalyst. The silver used in the StayPure product has a protective layer that prohibits direct contact with the water and besides being very potent it is the only catalyst that performs effectively at room temperature in aqueous systems. Once again, independent laboratory testing proves that the silver used in the StayPure product with it protective layer does not release any silver ions into the water.