Many people don’t know this, but there is more or less the same amount of freshwater on Earth as there always has been.

Freshwater makes up a very small fraction of all water on the planet. While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 3 percent of it is fresh. The rest is saline and ocean-based. Even then, just 1 percent of our freshwater is easily accessible, the other 2 percent is trapped in the polar caps and glaciers.  The water you drink today has likely been around in one form or another for millions of years.

While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time, it must be continually recycled through the atmosphere and our municipals infrastructure and back into our taps. Human population on Earth is gradually increasing, recently being estimated at 7.6 billion. This means that every year, demand for a clean, copious supply of fresh, safe drinking water to sustain life intensifies. Not all tap water is the same, with quality and taste varying.