About Us

AquaNu Filtration Systems Ltd, is a small private Irish company specialising in the filtration and treatment of drinking water. It was founded as a result of the invention of a unique ceramic water filtration technology that could be made affordable to everyone rich or poor.

Because AquaNu cares deeply about the environment we have released our first product, the Staypure, which fulfils two of our mission goals and they are, providing affordable, clean, fresh, safe drinking water from any potable drinking water tap worldwide, while protecting our planet from single use plastic water bottles. We at AquaNu have a mission goal to send as many people as possible back to using tap water and away from bottled water, in doing so lowering single use plastic bottle waste and as tap water costs somewhere in the region of 1cent per liter saving you a forture on bottled water. We believe you can make a difference, join us now and banish single use plastic bottle waste.