About Us

AquaNu Filtration Systems Ltd (AquaNu) is a private Irish company created by Patrick Farrelly the inventor of the AquaNu Ceramic Technology. Patrick also heads up the company as Managing Director. Patrick created the unique innovative AquaNu Ceramic Technology after many years of technical Research and Development. In order to fund the Research and Development Patrick formed the company AquaNu Filtration Systems Ltd and secured funding from private individuals who could see the potential of the ceramic technology. The huge continued support from the company’s shareholders enabled Patrick to deliver AquaNu’s unique innovative porous ceramic material technology to the market and protect the Intellectual Property rights of the AquaNu ceramic. The AquaNu Ceramic Technology is patent granted in 23 strategic countries to assure Global Intellectual Property protection. AquaNu Filtration Systems Ltd is all about its unique AquaNu Ceramic Technology therefore it is best to let the unique properties of the AquaNu ceramic do the talking to understand all about AquaNu Filtration Systems Ltd and its STAYpure Water Purifier Capsule product offering.

About the AquaNu Ceramic

The patent granted AquaNu Ceramic Technology has amazing properties. The AquaNu ceramic is engineered out of food grade materials. A principle element constituting 85% of the material in the ceramic is the natural mineral based biogenic material ‘Diatomaceous Earth’ (DE) also known as Kieselguhr.

The AquaNu ceramic is highly porous. It has a double porous structure that is pore within pore. This enables the AquaNu to achieve a super high contact interaction with water. A further benefit of this pore within pore structure is that when used as a filter the volume of water/ liquids that can pass through its ceramic structure is higher in volume to the ceramic material. Furthermore, water/ liquids can pass through the material structure with the greatest of ease due to the lower material volume ratio resulting in less resistance. This low volume material ratio to water/ liquid results in very low minimal energy levels requirements to drive water/ liquids through the material structure – once again all possible due to the unique super high voidance material structure.

The AquaNu ceramic technology centres on the unique principle of packing space into material as against material being packed into space as is the case for traditional conventional porous ceramic/ membrane material structure technologies. The higher the volume ratio of ceramic material structure to water/ liquids the higher the pressure required to transport the water/ liquids through the denser material structure. Far less pressure is required to drive water/ liquids through the less dense AquaNu ceramic. In fact, the nearest porous ceramic/ membrane rival technology is seven times slower than the AquaNu ceramic technology. In addition, the AquaNu ceramic due to its patented properties will not biofoul. This means the high porosity AquaNu ceramic structure will not clog due to biofouling. This non-biofouling benefit guarantees the long-extended usage life of the AquaNu ceramic.

The AquaNu ceramic is also extremely robust because once water enters and occupies the AquaNu ceramic material structure it becomes super hard. This super hardness results from the fact that water cannot be compressed. This super hardness makes the AquaNu ceramic very resistant to aggressive high friction abrasive mechanical scrubbing activity. This means the AquaNu ceramic will not wear away guaranteeing long extended usage life even if the AquaNu ceramic is subjected to aggressive high friction maintenance cleaning regimes.

The STAYpure Technology

Under the direction of Patrick AquaNu segmented its AquaNu Ceramic Technology into two functioning areas based on the inherent natural biogenic material properties.

1. One functioning area is that of filtration and for this activity AquaNu terms its product technology as AquaNu’s ‘Active Filtration Technology’. This functioning area is where all the water is presented to and passed through the AquaNu ceramic for the removal of targeted contaminants both inorganic and organic matter to a size that is smaller than half a micron. When filtering water of unknown source quality the resulting filtered permeate is safe for human consumption thus of drinking/ potable water quality.

2. A second functioning area is that of prevention/protection and for this activity AquaNu terms its product technology as AquaNu’s ‘Passive Protection Technology’. This is where the AquaNu ceramic is presented to the water. It only makes direct contact with some of the water. For the remaining body of water indirect contact is established via physical movement, convection currents, Brownian Motion and Dynamic Equilibrium.

It is important to understand that due to the natural DE biogenic mineral material and the high surface area water interaction capacity the AquaNu ceramic has the ability to emit trace mineral elements into the water in union and balance to the unique demands of the water as result of its environment location. In addition, the STAYpure Capsule technology is engineered so that STAYpure can perform as an oxidation catalyst in the water. STAYpure also functions to raise the Redox Potential of the water.

When operating in its catalytic oxidation mode STAYpure enables other elements in the water to destroy any microbes and other microorganisms including bacteria if present in the water. Some of these elements are dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, and even ozone. These singular elements or in any combination only need to be present in very low minimal concentration amounts in the water for STAYpure to act as a catalyst. It is important to understand that STAYpure does not destroy the microbes/ microorganisms. What STAYpure does is act as a catalyst enabling other suitable aforementioned elements in the water destroy microbes/ microorganisms present in the water.

In addition, by increasing the Redox Potential of the water STAYpure enhances waters’ natural resistance to microbes and microorganisms. When STAYpure Capsules are present in water in sufficient quantity no microorganisms or bacteria are detectable. Thus STAYpure provides for Purer, Fresher, Safer, Tastier Water for a Healthier Hydration experience.

AquaNu decided to make the STAYpure its first product offering to the consumer market. In the near future AquaNu will introduce other products to the consumer market both Passive water enhancement complementary technologies and Active Filtration products.

We thank you for your kind attention. Above all we welcome your support as a customer. We would like to encourage you to tell all your family, friends, and colleagues about AquaNu and its unique amazing STAYpure Water Purifier Capsule technology. We would welcome any support you can give to join in our quest to Change the Way the World Consumes Water responsibly. AquaNu through its STAYpure Water Purifier Capsule technology is committed to providing consumers with a more responsible means to consume water that is Purer, Fresher, Safer, and Tastier for Healthier Hydration. And at the same time protect nature by lessening mans’ footprint on the eco-system for the benefit all who depend on Gaia for their health and survival.