How StayPure works

Each capsule comprises of 2 individual parts, the patented Aqua-Nu porous ceramic, and an open slotted polypropylene capsule to enclose them. All materials used are of food grade quality.

When you drop the StayPure capsule into water, billions of microscopic pores go to work. The advanced super porous ceramic core is engineered to continuously react and interact with the water, acting like a magnet to absorb and adsorb impurities while simultaneously releasing valuable trace minerals.

The intended function of the ceramic comes from a natural resource called diatomaceous earth (DE) also known as Kieselguhr. Because DE is a naturally charged material, it has the capacity to attract/ adsorb and neutralize elements such as trace contaminants present in your drinking water.

The Aqua-Nu advanced ceramic comprises of approximately 85% DE and the ceramic possesses a mixture of natural biogenic minerals. Such minerals are released into the water in trace amounts in accordance with the demands of the water, to achieve a natural balance.

When in water, the trace amount of silver performs as an ionising agent and oxidation catalyst. This enables an oxidation process to ensue, causing the water to oxidise itself, degrading all organics (which includes microbes that may be present), over time. The oxidation process is fuelled by any residual disinfectant or dissolved oxygen that is always present in potable/tap water, allowing the water to help protect itself.

Over sixteen acres of interacting surface area

The advanced Aqua-Nu ceramic is designed and manufactured to have a highly porous structure. The small ceramic at the heart of the StayPure capsule is roughly the size of your thumb and due to its super porous structure, possesses a surface area of approximately 67,000m 2 /16.5 acres. This large surface area interacts with water when the StayPure capsule is in use. It does this by utilizing physical movement, convection currents, Brownian motion and dynamic equilibrium. The water establishes contact with the ceramic which then bestows various enhancements.  The ceramic remains active for up to six months to protect and preserve water, depending on the quality of your tap water. This equates to approximately 1,000 litres of water, equivalent to 2,000 500ml water refills.

What is diatomaceous earth?

Food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE), commonly called a diatomite, is a sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms, a prehistoric plankton. It has the look of a fine sand and by its nature is one of the most porous substances found in the natural world.

What is the function of the trace amount of silver?

The StayPure capsule incorporates a minute amount of elemental silver which is affixed to the ceramic material during manufacture. When in contact with water, this trace amount of silver then functions as an ionising agent and an oxidation catalyst.

At the catalyst surface, silver electrons are transferred, reacting with and activating oxidants in the water.  Such oxidants are natural oxygen (dissolved oxygen) and/or residual disinfection aids like chlorine. This oxidation forms reactive oxygen species (ROS) like alpha-oxygen and superoxide.  The oxidation power of ROS is very strong. They can oxidise organic matter that may be present, converting it into CO 2 that is eventually exhausted out of the water. This conversion process is known as cold burning.

Silver is a well-known oxidation catalyst. The trace amount of silver in the product does not release any ions into the water that is being treated.  The absence of silver in the water in any form is verified by tests from independent laboratories. Therefore, it is the water itself, while treated, that is the active component, oxidising organic matter including harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that may be present in the water.