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Water is life.

All life depends on Water. Every living thing on earth has a direct relationship to water. Water is the element that connects Mankind to the environment and to all forms of life – including germs and bacteria.

As water is the human body’s main constituent it is no surprise that it ensures the life of our cells. Water transports essential nutrients to our cells, facilitates all metabolic and chemical reactions in the body including the breakdown of what we eat. In addition, water helps limit the changes in body temperature in hot and cold environments along with allowing the body to release heat in the form of perspiration. There is also the fact that water helps remove waste products from our body through faeces and urine. Being properly hydrated is critical for good health.

Water is an ideal means of transport for bacteria. StayPure acts to prevent and protect against bacteria entering and establishing in water keeping it safe for consumption. It is as we say StayPure for purer, fresher, safer, tastier water for a healthier hydration experience. When you try StayPure you will be amazed at how StayPure makes your water taste, especially tap water.

StayPure is an innovative water preservation technology. It is designed to keep water purer, fresher, safer for long periods of time. The StayPure technology is designed to enhance the taste of potable water and protect against bad odours. This is achieved by promoting and maintaining freshness by balancing pH, improving alkalinity, emitting trace minerals into the water in accordance to the demands of the water, adsorbing trace contaminants, removing and preventing bacteria eliminating biofilms that cause stale taste and foul odours in your drinking water and container.

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), also known as Kieselguhr commonly called a diatomite is a mineral of biogenic origin formed during the later Tertiary Period between 5 to 20 million years ago. During the Tertiary Period these diatomite/diatoms settled on the floors of freshwater lakes forming enormous bodies of microscopic silica structures. Diatoms are single living cell microorganisms and form the base of the food chain. As Diatoms die, they leave behind tiny silica shells. DE is widely available, easy and inexpensive to mine, therefore requires minimal energy, and raw material resource consumption.

It is about the size of a wine cork (23mm/ 0.90” diameter X 48mm/ 1.95” long) small enough to drop into almost any wide neck water container vessel.

Once the StayPure Pod Water Purifier is placed in water it activates and remains effective for at least six months capable of treating 1,000 litres (264 US gallons) of water. This is equivalent to 2,000 50 ml refills hence capable of replacing 2,000 Plastic Water Bottles amounting to about 20Kg of plastic.

One StayPure Pod will effectively work in water containers up to 3 litres in capacity. It is equally functional at water volumes less than 3 litres in capacity as it acts by dynamic equilibrium as it bestows its enhancements based on the demand from the water in which it is placed. For containers greater than 3 litres more than one StayPure Pod is necessary to meet the demands of the greater volume of water.

StayPure is designed for enhancing portable quality water in drinking water vessels such as portable water bottles, water jugs/ pitchers, hydration packs, water coolers, coffee machine water reservoirs or any water container.

The human body is innately designed to maintain a pH level of 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. In order to maintain balance, the body strives to retain its alkaline equilibrium by a range of different compensatory activities. These activities can cause stress on organisms, tissue and intracellular systems. A very low pH (high acidity) can seriously upset cellular metabolism and bodily function and adversely affect itself. Therefore, the maintenance of a correct pH balance without distressing the body is vital. Drinking enough water to remain properly hydrated is vital to alleviate stress on the body especially intracellularly. The consumption of water that is of high alkalinity offers great assistance to achieving greater hydration.

Many scientists cite that there is the same amount of water on earth as there has always been.

Freshwater makes up a very small portion of all the water on planet Earth. While nearly 70% of the world is covered by water less than 3% of it is fresh water. The rest is saline, and ocean based. Even then, just 1% of our freshwater is easily accessible, the other 2% is trapped in the polar caps and glaciers. The water you drink today most likely has been around in one form or another for billions of years.

Whilst the amount of freshwater on planet earth has remained fairly constant over time it must be continually recycled through the atmosphere and our municipals infrastructure making it available for consumption. The demands on this finite resource of water is ever growing. The world population as we write today is an estimated 7.6 Billion people and expected to reach 8.5 Billion by 2030. This means that every year competition for a clean copious, supply of fresh safe drinking water for sustaining life intensifies.

The fact is water authorities worldwide are struggling to keep up with demand. This constant struggle to keep up with the demand for potable water often results in the deterioration of drinking water quality. This means the quality of the drinking water from your tap results in poor quality water that many prefer not to drink buying bottled water instead. This poor quality means point of use water systems are required to remediate poor quality water to make it fit for potable consumption. The StayPure Pod offers one means to provide purer, fresher, safer, tastier drinking water from your tap. Just drop in a StayPure Pod and drink up.

Yes, StayPure preserves water and maintains the pH balance of water while it is stored, keeping it pure, fresh, safe and tastier.

For optimal performance the StayPure product should be rinsed periodically to remove any accumulated impurities. If necessary, the Pod can be cleaned gently under running water with a soft bristle toothbrush. StayPure is non-hazardous and can be disposed of in accordance with the local recycling requirements.

For thousands of years, it was considered that water had no definitive taste. In recent times with the availability of a wide range of bottled waters, people found that they had a preference for some brands of water over others and it comes down to personal taste. The taste of water is quite subtle compared to other food and beverage products. But as people in the last decade have become more aware of the need to keep hydrated and are now accustomed to drinking much more water on its own, they are more aware of the taste of different waters.

The taste of water may be altered in various ways. Water that is left standing in a vessel such as a water jug/ pitcher or coffee machine water reservoir gradually loses oxygen to the atmosphere – this can make the water taste stale. Additionally, over time, CO 2 dissolves in the water which reacts to form carbonic acid and lowers the pH of the water, which also affects the taste.

Water has been described as the universal solvent. In other words, almost every substance or chemical will dissolve to some extent in water. This even includes the gases in air.

Water that is supplied to us as drinking water despite many steps of purification still contains many traces of dissolved substances. It also will have chemicals deliberately added during the purification and distribution process.

Microbes are ubiquitous in the environment. They are present in the water at source and are found in the distribution systems right up to and including your tap, despite purification and disinfection processes. They also get into the water you place in a bottle or glass. They may come from the air, from the bottle or glass or from yourself when handling or drinking.

The water now contains a range of dissolved substances and a selection of very diverse microbes which can use some of the dissolved substances as food. There is little residual disinfection left in the water by the time it reaches the tap and if further passed through a filter jug, there is no further protection.

Within a short time, the microbes can grow, multiply and secrete a range of waste products and a protective slime.  This usually attaches to surfaces of the container and results in a stale taste and sometimes detectable odour.   This form of microbial growth is usually referred to as a ‘biofilm’ and can be seen in water storage tanks, in water distribution pipes and on damp surfaces.

Because microbes are extremely small, they are not readily visible to the naked eye. We can only begin to see a slight opacity in water when there are more than 100 million microbes present in each millilitre of the water. This is many more than it takes to cause taints or odours.

Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling it with water and using your StayPure Pod for the first time.

When using the StayPure Pod for the first time rinse it under water before placing it into the water filled container. The StayPure Pod will sink to the bottom as the ceramic fills with water. This may take a few seconds. The StayPure Pod starts to work immediately. Occasionally shaking the container or swirling the Pod about in the water promotes the performance of the StayPure Pod. The StayPure Pod should remain immersed and covered with water for best performance. Your bottle or water container can be topped up with fresh drinking water regularly without any need to empty the residual water.

The huge advantage of using StayPure is that it keeps water contact surfaces pristine clean. This means the inside of the bottle remains clean. The result is that you do not need to apply constant washing of your bottle to make sure it stays clean.

So how does StayPure keep the inside of the water botte clean? Firstly, StayPure prevents and prohibits bacteria from forming in the water in the bottle. Because bacteria are prevented from forming and establishing in the water in the botte this eliminates bacteria from attaching to the water contact surfaces creating and establishing hazardous dangerous biofilms which are very hard to remove once established. It is important to know that regular washing and high friction scrubbing of the water contact surfaces does not guarantee the removal of biofilms which attach and etch into material structures.

Catalytic Oxidation are processes that oxidise compounds using Catalysts. Thus, the compounds that are oxidised breakdown due to an Oxidation process wherein the compounds lose electrons. The overall oxidation reaction process is increased by the presence of the Catalyst that is not consumed in the chemical reaction process.

Oxidation: is any chemical reaction that involves the moving of electrons. Specifically, it means the substance that gives away electrons is oxidised. When iron reacts with oxygen it forms a chemical reaction called rust because it has been oxidized (the iron has lost some electrons) and the oxygen has been reduced (the oxygen has gained some electrons).

When Oxygen reacts with the exposed chemicals in the exposed surface of a material it starts breaking down through a process known as oxidation as per the above example where a metal such as iron being broken down resulting in the formation of rust. Another example of oxidation is that of an Apple where when cut the flesh of the Apple is exposed to the air which contains oxygen which reacts with the flesh of the Apple breaking it down visible as the flesh turns brown.

The driving element in this Oxidation process is Oxygen because it follows the octet rule that is it wants to have 8 electrons in its outer most shell. Because Oxygen only has 6 electrons it its outer shell it wants to gain 2 more electrons to feel complete. Therefore, it really likes combining with electron donating atoms when it gets a chance especially with Hydrogen hence water as H 2 O.

The Oxygen Hydrogen bonding is the process that allows the Human Body to change sugars into energy during respiration. But sometimes, up to 2% of the time, in this human respiration activity Oxygen comes out of the process not totally satisfied. Thus, instead of it being its normal mellow stable self it evolves into a totally agitated state completely rogue in character known as a free radical that will practically bond with anything. It will try to pair up with the fats, proteins in the red blood cells even the DNA. And when it does this the free radical changes the chemical structure of those molecules and most of the time cause cell damage.

A Catalyst is a substance that enables a speed up in a chemical reaction but is not consumed in the reaction; hence a Catalyst can be recovered chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction/ it is used to speed up or catalyse a chemical reaction. This means the mass of the Catalyst remains the same before, during and after the chemical reaction is completed. Thus, without the presence of the Catalyst the chemical reaction will be so slow it is unobservable, or the reaction will not speed up.

Technically as the Catalyst is not consumed in the process it is not involved in the actual chemical reaction but without its presence the increase in the reaction will not take place hence it is active in the chemical reaction. Yes, that is the oxymoron. But here is the answer to the oxymoron conundrum of not being involved in the chemical reaction but at the same time active in the chemical reaction. The Catalyst works by providing an alternative pathway for the reaction to take place. This alternative pathway has a lower activation energy than the pathway with the Catalyst. Because of the lower activation energy there are more molecules with the required activation energy thus more reactive collisions take place per second resulting in a faster reaction.

Catalysts are widely used in industrial processes to make such things as fertilisers and detergents. You may already be familiar with the word Catalyst because of Catalytic Converters uses in transport vehicles to remove toxin exhaust gases by converting them into harmless products.

The StayPure product incorporates a Metal Matrix Material along with the AquaNu advanced porous ceramic both of which are housed in an open slotted polypropylene plastic capsule housing. All materials used are of food grade quality. The Metal Matrix Material is an open wave nylon mesh onto which elemental silver is affixed.

A protection layer is created around the elemental silver to prevent tarnishing which also makes the Metallic Matrix perform like an oxidation catalyst. The protection layer prevents the water from making direct contact with the silver. At the Catalyst surface silver electrons are transferred to form Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) with residua disinfectants (e.g. chlorine) or dissolved oxygen always present in water to some degree. Some examples of ROS are Superoxide and Alpha Oxygen which are two of the most effective oxidants. When organic matter which include parasites, bacteria, viruses make contact with ROS they are destroyed instantly. During the destruction process the organic matter converts into harmless CO 2 which dissipates from the water. This conversion of organic matter into CO 2 is known as cold burning.

The purification process is based on Catalytic Oxidation and in this reaction no silver ions are released into the water which is what other silver technologies do. For that reason, when using the StayPure Metallic Matrix Material technology, no silver ions are released into the body of water being targeted for treatment. The absence of silver ions in the body of water being treated has been proven in many tests from independent testing laboratories. This proves that it is the water treating itself that is the constituent elements in the water namely dissolved oxygen always present to some degree and possibly some small quantity of chlorine present that are the active components acting against the bacteria.

It is important to know that silver is a well-known oxidation catalyst. The silver used in the StayPure product has a protective layer that prohibits direct contact with the water and besides being very potent it is the only catalyst that performs effectively at room temperature in aqueous systems. Once again, independent laboratory testing proves that the silver used in the StayPure product with it protective layer does not release any silver ions into the water.

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